No More Panel Shows Radio 4!

by Beth Cherryman

Think of Radio 4 for a moment. Just a guess, but did you by any chance think panel show?  Radio 4! We don’t want any more panel shows!

Last night (Feb 23) Radio 4 broadcast It’s Not What You Know, another comedy panel show. Yawn. Guest comedians chose one of their family or friends to answer questions about their relationships, presumably the comedy is supposed to come from the revelation they do not know each other as well as they should.

Host Miles Jupp clearly mistook himself for the talent and interrupted proceedings with flat jokes and insulting comments that I have a horrible feeling were meant to be witty.

The guests were journalist Rachel Johnson, presenter Des Lynam and left-wing comic “Mark up-the-USSR Steel”. And their nominated nearest and dearest were a best friend, agent and teenage son respectively. Is it surprising that the relationship between celebrity client and agent won out?

Lets not forget the special contribution by the forever cringe-inducing Michael Winner, whose comment that “cooks should stay in the kitchen and shut up” rather mirrors my own sentiments about film directors and limelight.

And the final round’s killer question: How much is a pint of milk? The perfect illustration of Radio 4’s utter ineptitude in expanding its audience to include – wait for it – people who have to do their own food shopping. Yes you guessed it; none of them had a clue.

A tired premise, an out-dated format and predicable contestants. Bad show Radio 4.